Rust Summer DLC – What could we get? – Game update

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As the last few things are getting completed, is the Summer DLC of rust coming closer by the minute. What could we expect of this upcoming second DLC of rust and what will it be going to cost us? Today, we are going to talk about this. First of all, i want to thank everyone who joined the community. With such outstanding incoming new members this week alone, it is wonderful to see so many new faces around here.

Join us on discord and say hi! Let your friends know about us and let them join as well. Together, its way more fun and enjoyable then if you would play alone!

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As the items is getting bigger, new namings haven’t been sighted yet, giving a raw example of upcoming DLC content. This content however is most likely pure based for cosmetic and PvE purposes only, providing an extra add-on for those who want to enjoy the summer while being forced indoors. The items we will be getting into the game are all almost finished and shall roll into the game within the few days.

This new awesome DLC package contains several new toys that you can use to screw around or by giving your base a nice extra feeling of actual summer. Keep in mind, this could not be the full release of the list and some mentioning could be mistaken or misinformed. Please keep this information with a tiny bit of pure salt.

  • Sunglasses
  • Water pistols
  • Swimming pool
  • A slide? ( Not actually sure about this. )
  • Beach table
  • Beach chair
  • A camera? ( Not actually sure about this. )
  • A Boogie Board
  • Beachball


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