Rust – The next chapter – Black forest 2020

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The next chapter is about the corner and we have a finished map for you! We have recreated the old black forest map and included new updates to this wicked map. Enjoy the environment of trees, rocky mountains, and a long asked request, islands are added to the game. With many new custom content, we want you to be ready for our next adventure!

As we are finishing up the map with the last few bits and bytes, we want to give you a Quik peak in the upcoming map. This time, however, we will only show you a single image to give you an even more hyped feeling when you are about to join the server. We have done so much to create this wicked awesome map. But, besides this, there will be a lot of new rulesets coming up and a lot is going to change.

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The game mode

This time, we will be playing a full PVP session without the option to raid other players for the first xx days. Based on progression, it would give users a fair chance to stay on the server with a decent base before its getting destroyed by other players. We all know that once someone is getting raided offline would be unfair, but limiting users to wait for other users to come online would also be a little bit meh.

That’s why we decided to prevent people from raiding other players for a certain amount of days before everyone can go nuts to each other. While that’s happening, every new player that joins the server will not be able to be harmed for approximately 30 min before his protection would runoff. During that time, they have the ability to build up their starters base near the starter zone.

Starter zone

There will be 1 single starter zone in the middle of the map. This zone is where everyone will spawn once they join the game or once they died and wanted to respawn manually. This zone comes with protected walls from the outside, giving it wildlife no chance against it. This starter zone however also includes a nice small shop where you can buy some nifty tier 1 goodies and goodies that you can buy with another currency called “blood bags”

These blood bags can be found ingame during your exploring sessions and scavenging monuments, but also by completing quests, hidden achievements, and dynamical events. The starter zone itself however does also contain some nifty facilities that can be used to give you a small benefit. This includes a nice crude oil purifier for all your crude oil needs, a slick large furnace to be used for melting down that metal fragments for your base, and a few food boxes for on the way.

To finish it off completely, we have added 2 level 1 workbench as well that can be used by players to craft your tier 1 goodies faster than normal.

The admins – Black Trader Market

The admins will be running around, playing along with others as normal users. Giving you the ability to shoot us down the same as we can do that to you. While the key master stays at their headquarters, you have the ability to come over and buy some nifty goods from our traders. Every time we might have something else to trade but be aware, we have a 0 policy on weapons and handheld tools, so make sure you come unarmed.

The headquarters its location will be somewhere on a small island near the giant excavator. Make sure that you won’t start building there as we need the black market location for our end goal event “the final purge” Where everyone is able to “purge” as much as possible from the big empire of the black market trader. We made sure that the end game will be a whopping 2H based on what you will have to go against.

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Every month, we want to bring in a new “challenge” as a “final purge event” where players will be challenged with the unknown zone of the black market trader. Make sure you have those new nifty goggles with you. you gotta need it.

Monuments of Radsz – The Black forest

We will be introducing a few new monuments to the game, these monuments are custom made and will have to be found by yourself in order to find its goodies that’s hidden inside of it. Explorer a large cave system or travel along 5 miles of underground train tracks with custom made elements, who knows what else you could find down there. But, here a quick overview of the upcoming custom monuments.

  1. The metal bridge ( not much, but its something neat to see )
  2. Dome extended
  3. The broken sewers
  4. The broken Tunnels
  5. The starter zone
  6. Black trader HQ

Server changes

We will be bringing server changes on how we wipe. For example, we will NOT wipe BP’s anymore on a monthly base, will there be plugins removed and added to the game to make it the game we are willing to go for. As because of that, we will update our server with the new setup on the day of the upcoming wipe. ( the 6th )

More of this information will be coming to you next week. Stay tuned by joining our discord and subscribing to the rust role in order to obtain your daily news about rust.

We hope that we will see you coming back online after the wipe is done. We would love to see some actual action going on and we have been working pretty hard on this map to make it up to date with its needs.


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