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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | March 21, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. A Late night message regardless of Rustcord and Discord. As we have been using this plugin for a long time, I think over at least a year now that we have been using this plugin. Sadly, due to Performance issues with the last few builds of the plugin, we are forced to remove the plugin from the servers.

This means that no one is able to chat ingame and ingame towards the discord chat anymore. The relay of the messages is getting bigger each day and today’s update would even provide me of a whopping hour of editing and updating. I’m not into plugins that I have to keep updating every day expect if its a very used and popular one. However, the performance difference between a server with Rustcord and a server without a rust cord is giving me doubts if it would be coming better with the plugin or not.

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The server bot remains active. Everyone will still be able to see how many players there will be online.

Because of this change, there is no need for us to maintain 3 separate channels for our rust servers in the discord channel. That’s why we will update these channels and merging the channels into one channel to make it more oversee able.


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