Rustorica News – Upcoming FacePunch Patch

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Good afternoon everyone! Noize here with the special delivery of the monthly upcoming updates. Every month, I’m trying to search for information for the next upcoming updates. What do we have now and what are we getting in the future? that’s everyone’s guess. But, first, before we will be going into this, I want to say thank you to everyone that was online in 2019. We hope to see you back online in 2020 as well.

As of last spoken, the ring of rust is going to be released next update, giving the players the feeling that they are actually walking on a road and not a randomly generated road that’s bugging trough all sides because of the lacking smoothness. Every monument will have its roads to be driven on.

For those side builders bad luck, the update of FacePunch will also introduce a no-build priveledges on generated roads. This also means that it is not possible to place any items such as walls or bear traps on the roads, making the road safe for something else that’s upcoming. The sedan!

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Wait for wut? Yes, there are rumors that the new sedan is going to be added to the game!  What it will have as health if you can store items in it and how does it need to drive? we dont know but we would be presuming that diesel might be needed for this. ( most logic tho as self-made gasoline a.k.a low-grade fuel would be.. well.. low-grade ofc )

As for the rest, there will be some tweaks and nerfs everywhere as usually to make the game more playable for everyone. There is a new temp ban system for those fast key warriors that knows how to ban or kick players from the server for a period of time.

Join our conversations on rust! Check the suggestion list and help out spreading the world for new upcoming ideas. The more votes we get, the more the chances that it might be added.

  1. More meds in the game
  2. Cargoship fix


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