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Afternoon everyone. Noize here with the latest news about our mapping for our rust server. As we have been working hard on the cabby’s island map, does it not go by my taste. I thought having some islands would be perfect, but the way I intended to have the map running would result in a big conflict between the understanding of certain rules on certain landscapes.

As we tried it on request, as a user wanted to see a bit more islands then normally just landscaping. Sadly, it does not give me the feeling of keep on going with the map and especially during the major issues that are ongoing with our puzzles, doors, monuments, and such.

I know this was going to happen, but I kept going after all. Rather do something than nothing these days. When it comes to the map that we have been building from the ground up, did we used our older map that we used for our skaikru server and rebuild it from there even tho we used this map a lot, it’s still one of my fav ones to build on and especially as there isn’t even a giant excavator on it or a huge main ring road that would create an instant lagfest.

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This time, we will also promote a few rustedit mappers that deserve to be announced as their work is outstandingly nice. next week more of this information depending on other users their prefabs will be able to be read here.

For those not being on our discord channel, join today and stay updated on our ongoing progress, game servers, reviews, and giveaways!



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