Rustorica PvE – big incoming changes

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | March 24, 2020

Good afternoon everyone.

Today, we want to inform you about the upcoming changes depending on the game server Rustorica PvE. As you might have noticed, there is a new announcement that says “spend all your earned cash and Prestige tokens”.

The reason because of that is that we are going to delete some plugins that are from the past and we would like to take it more into actually PvE gameplay. But, besides this small minor chance, do there be a lot more upcoming next wipe.

As some of you already know, we worked on Tempest. The map we built up from the ground is a nice neat small 3k map and had its benefits for everyone. There was however so less building space for those willing to make a neat base, that we decided to turn the steering wheel around and take our time to develop some nifty new updates.

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As usual, this will be on the map that we are working on. However, this map will remain in Beta. We are hard-working on the map to make it all happen on time. We won’t spoil anything on it yet. What we can spoil are the potentional plugin changes that we are going to have.

This way, we try to provide more ways of survival while you still play the same game as you did before. You won’t notice the changes.. or well.. you will if you would keep bashing the trader keyboard shortcut while it’s not opening.

The Plugins that will be removed when the next wipe hits

  • GUIShop /shop
  • Economics ( cash )
  • Server rewards /s ( Prestige tokens )
  • Rust rewards

These 4 plugins will be removed once the server has been pre wiped. Pre wipe will be happening on Sunday 29th and will take approximately 1H to pre-wipe and presetting everything up as it should be set up in order to make it all working.


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