Rustorica PvE – Known map issues

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Good morning everyone. What a night we had yesterday, blasting some Scientists into the sky with other players as well for making a living for ourselves by building that base for your crafted and looted goods. But, what if there is more to be done at Rustorica PvE? Well, hereby I present you the known issues and the suggested ideas from the community that has been emailed, sent in or yelled at me while being ingame.

The community itself is growing each day and we are happy to see that. We want to thank everyone for their support and loyalty for joining the server and bringing some friends with them. Together, more things can be reached as long as you work on it.

Known issues

  • Misplaced the tunnel, made the whole tunnel system bug. It will be fixed next update.
  • Misplaced textures
  • Instant death barrier inside the V15 cave
  • Instant death barrier inside the tunnel at powerplant.
  • Weird lag some time to time. Conflict with animal spawners.
  • Snow Biodome not properly working as it should be working.
  • Missing loot barrels at custom hapis monument
  • Seagrass on land
  • Trees inside the water.
  • Cave lifted up way too high.
  • Admin island needs a proper rework.


Suggestions by the players

Q: Teleport system?
A: Never. The game is called rust, not Teleport because I’m lazy rust.

Q: Faster scrap from recyclers?
A: Good idea, ill add it towards the to-do list.

Q: Bring back the oilrig?
A: who knows if FacePunch gives us what we need, we might be adding them back on a later date.

Q: Building plugin with spawn rights?
A: so no need to farm, loot anything.. just a few clicks and you have it all? never! Its rust, not sims 3.


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