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Big news everyone. As some of you might already have seen or even joined the server already, for those who doenst know it yet, we recently released a PvE server called Rustorica PvE. But, what’s better than releasing a PvE server? Correct! our own map. We want to present to you… Alpha!. The perfect place for beginning players that wants to learn the game without the toxic. A monthly wipe, without a blueprint wipe! Meaning, you keep the earned Blueprints!


Alpha is a 3k map with a limited amount of basic monuments to create a more playable experience for PvE players. With several hidden secrets, custom monuments and a load of nature to provide the ultimate survival experience for those that are online.

The game itself has never been edited this badly to create an ultimate experience for the players. We have removed a lot of monuments that provided the needed loot or stress and replaced them with new creations from ourselves or that from the community of rustedit.

3 Biodome’s

The map itself exists over 15% of snow, 35% of the desert and 40% of pure nature. The last 10% goes to the sea that provides a stunning view when it’s getting dark in the game. Several areas containing secrets that provides the player with more items that can be sold back for a neat profit.


Farm, trade, sell and buy products providing economical gameplay on the server, based on interests.  The more a user buys, the higher the price will be for someone else. But, if the user sells more then players are buying, the price will be lowered off the rewards, making it a perfect trading system with a balanced store that buys in and sells the items.

Interested in a startup your coal factory, metal fragments or who knows you would love it to start up your own lumber camp? everything is possible at Rustorica PvE.

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REEEE inbound

The patrol helicopters are back! Once there are 10 players online, more patrol helicopters will patrolling the area some time to time. This event will only be triggered once 10 users are online or more.

Hackable crate

The hackable crate is back! With our smart idea to get rid of the oil rigs, the hackable crate returned in the game. Search out where it gets dropped in order to obtain the loot but be aware, some areas are PVP so you always should bring in some ammo to fight for your loot.

Dangerous treasures event

ARRGGHH * hik * Our Captain has lost his loot at sea, grab up your gear and takedown that cobalt security team in order to steal the loot. The best thing, you can keep the loot for yourself! Be aware, PVP is active when a DT event starts in your neighborhood.

PvE means PvE

The TruePvE plugin provides you for a secure base while traps and turrets still can harm you. As long you close up your base the right way, you cant get raided. The last 2 days before the wipe, the purge will start where everyone is able to destroy and raid as well for giving them tips and tricks after the raid to support the newer generation of rust players.

Want to know everything? the rules and plugins that are added? Check out the server page to find out! stay rusty!


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