Rustorica PvE – Planned maintenance & Closed Beta upload

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | May 29, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. Noize here with the information that everyone is been desperate to be knowing off. We will be wiping our Rustorica PvE server, fully reinstate it as a hardcore PvE server. This brings in a whole new experience for you as a rust player. A 4.5k map size full of mapped content, ready to be tested.

We have been building quite some time on this map, created a huge playing field for those that like to wander around and build bases while for others, they rather like to go on an adventure. For everyone is there something to do.

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We will be taking down the servers at 22:00 GTM+1 Dutch time, during this time the server will be down. No one will be able to join the server. You can however join the PvP server in case you can’t wait and would like to do something, it helps us out as well even if you just would hop on and off.

We hope that you will enjoy the game server as we do, we have been spending quite some time on the server and the map, it would be a waste if this would be going to lay down in the dust. Keep in mind, only Beta team members and partnered YouTubers are able to join the game session during this session. Even it might not work the password thingie like last time, we hope that everyone is keeping themselves on the rules and staying ingame as well.


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