Rustorica PvE / PvP upcoming patch

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The upcoming patch of FacePunch is getting closer each day. This might be the biggest update in rust history. We talking about a whole new team chat system, musical art, a DLC package that provides you with even more content just for you. Perfect for any Roleplayer. But, not to forget, we are getting HDRP!

Enjoying a game like never before, and i mean for real folks. HD pipe render brings the whole game to a completely next level when it comes to graphical gameplay. More bushes, roses, flowers, and even colors and perfect details are the most common things that would come into your mind when we would be talking about HDRP.

Details, from the trees, buildings, smoke till the tiniest leaf that could be laying on the ground. Everything is perfectly HD.

Be aware of those joining the PvE server once the update has been set. There might be some delay in it as we would have to rerender our map in order to have all the needed updates. As for example with the awning error on the PvE server, these items are or removed from the game or not working as it should be working. Its a shame, who doenst love a tarp where you could hide under while it rains.

Wait? raining? Do you mean that…. yes you read it perfectly fine, there is nothing ongoing with your eyes or not being able to read it, as FacePunch is adding actually rain back into the game and we are hyped for it.



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