Rustorica PvE – True survival updates & known bugs

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | November 9, 2019

The Rustorica PvE server has been wiped for a few days and the first bug reports are coming in. Keep in mind to check the website if there is any new bug that has been reported in order to let you not getting stuck into the game. Did you find a bug or issue? or do you want to let us know of something you rather like to see changed? Let us know!

  • EAC death barrier inside caves on the wall at the entrance ( Thought FacePunch had fixed it )
  • Misplaced rocks at K19
  • The airfield is misplaced and needs to be placed correctly. ( walls floating mid-air )
  • Revisit of the Store items, some items are expensive while other items are cheaper while they should be changed

We have added a reward system into the game. Keep playing actively to earn extra ingame cash that you can spend including a bonus for xx hours being alive. Besides that, we added the following plugins to the game this round.

  • My mini plugin has returned, let’s hope it’s not exploitable again.  Cooldown is set on 60 min.
  • Working on a VIP package, still in progress.


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