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Welcome to Rustorica PvE

Start your adventure today!

Rustorica PvE

Welcome to the online world of Rustorica, An open world full of adventures to be chased, Hidden treasures to be found and the enemy located around monuments you never had expected before. It all begon when you woke up with nothing more than a rock and a torch. Create your own empire and start ruling rustorica. How far will you go to take your experience to the next level? Will you b atrue diehard farmer or are you willing to take it what it takes and eliminating the treats from within. Start today en conquer Rustorica with friends!

The online world of rustorica is being build on a 4250k mapsize. Providing enough space and locations to be built at. With custom created monuments, caves, loottables and spawns, NPC and even extra Bradley’s that are lurking around the corner, an aggressive patrol helicopter that doesn’t let you alive, naked or not and if we would talk about the danger that might be lurking, anything is possible here at Rustorica.

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Active plugins

Our community is having several plugins active on this server. These plugins are there to ensure enjoyment of the game as well for protection against nasty apples. A Quik overview of the plugins.

  • StackSizeController
  • PlayerChallengesPlus ( only active on our server )
  • Nudist heli
  • Timed events
  • Quests
  • Server Rewards
  • GatherControl
  • Dangerous Treasures event
  • Mymini
  • And many more!

Besides plugins

Besides plugins, does this map contains more then just some random map edits. We created a lot from ourselves to make sure that there is enough custom created content to enjoy for everyone.

  • Custom Caves that can be used to build in, but could also lead to a hidden NPC HeadQuarters
  • Custom Secret Caves with bounty to be looted that can only be found by finding certain clue’s on the map.
  • Custom monuments to be found.
  • Custom NPC hideouts and hidden locations to be raided for peace on rustorica.

Besides custom mapping

Besides custom mapping, we also provided more content to be enjoyed. And you thought this was all?

  • Being able to build in abandoned industrial buildings scattered around the map. If you can build in it, feel free to use it!
  • Being able to build in abandoned industrial towers scattered around the map. If you can build in it, feel free to use it!
  • Being able to build bases on locations you only dreamed about. Yes, some locations might even have slick benefits!

Its your path, your destiny

Are you a true roleplayer? Well, this server is mostly designed for roleplay purposes. Big large woods to get lost in, randomly finding a small shelter, a perfect spot to buildup your base. Broken buildings scattered around the map, ready to be taken by others. Or, would you rather like to be a diehard trader and support the community of resources? Everything is possible as long you want to for it.

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