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Welcome to Radsz PvE

Start your adventure today!


Welcome to the online world of Radsz, An open world full of adventures to be chased, Hidden treasures to be found, and the enemy located around monuments you never had expected before. It all begon when you woke up with nothing more than a rock and a torch. Create your own empire and start ruling Radsz. How far will you go to take your experience to the next level? Will you be a true diehard farmer or are you willing to take it what it takes and eliminating the threats from within? Start today en conquer Rustorica with friends!

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Are you a true hero? Are you not afraid from death and willing to take what it takes to obtain the treasures and loot to be found? With Quests, you can fight the wandering NPC, gathering and looting for awesome points that can be redeemed for other items in the rewards store. In fact, we have over 50 Quests to choose from at this moment.

Dangerous Treasures

The dangerous Treasures event is lurking around the corner. When the time is right, a message will shown in the chat, providing the needed information of an ongoing event. Visit together with your friends and fight the enemy. Obtain the chest and scavenger the loot. Will you be the next winner in this awesome adventure?

Hardcore PvE

Its not the players you have to be afraid of, but the enemy that’s lurking around the corner. Murderers and Cobalt security has been sighted on mostly all monuments. Are you brave enough to enter the monuments and scavenger the loot without them knowing or are you go in gun blazing and hope on a good end? Its up to you. Even the Patrol helicopter doenst like players, naked or not. Noone is save.

When it comes to player turrets, traps and dangerous looking bases, you should stay away from it. Their traps still do their work.

Player challenges

Up for a real challenge? Compete with others in player challenges! Gather, kill, loot or start hacking a crate. Stay on top of the leaderboard and obtain your player tags to showoff against the others. with over 35 challenges and counting!

Stack size controller

Troubles stacking everything up in your base? Well, lucky you that you came in the right place. The community server contains a plugin that allows you to stack more in chests, tool cupboards and more. With a max up to 20k a stack!

Server Rewards / Economics

Earn ingame currency during your adventures and spend them in the store on valuable items. Including paid content such as fireworks, music instruments as well for seasonal content to make your house look fabulous.

Its your path, your destiny

Are you a true roleplayer? Well, this server is mostly designed for roleplay purposes. Big large woods to get lost in, randomly finding a small shelter, a perfect spot to buildup your base. Broken buildings scattered around the map, ready to be taken by others. Or, would you rather like to be a diehard trader and support the community of resources? Everything is possible as long you want to for it.

Join the community!