Rustorica PvP Event – Fort wars – PURGE event on custom PURGE map!

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Its almost wipe time! That means one thing. PURGE! Before you go nuts with REEEEEEEEE… RAAIIDDD, let’s go online and start gathering, we want to let you know of the following event. The purge will be held on Rustorica PvP #1 – Noob friendly and during this purge, we will be bringing in an awesome event. Fort wars!

What are Fort wars? Well, some of you might already know what it would be meaning but for those not knowing, fort wars is an online game mode we will be performing once the wipe is incoming. During this session of the fort wars, every user will be able to gather Resources with an incredible increase once you start gathering in the building phase. Loot will be delivered from the sky and everyone can go nuts on it to get it. However, to keep raiders inside the base, small patrol helicopters will be flying over to see how everything is going and if you won’t be camping somewhere.

Once the time is up, Gather Resources will be lowered to normal vanilla value, but crafting is extremely increased. Crafting ammo, weapons, and gear is fast, to prepaire yourself on the raid or to be raided. We will be performing this event on Sunday the whole day on Rustorica PvP – Noob friendly #1 from 12:00 till 16:00.

For those reading it correctly, we will be performing this event on our own first created map purely for this event. We created several areas where players can gather their resources easier and building fortresses won’t be a bottleneck as the upkeep is more a joke than actual upkeep.

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The rules of the event are as follows.

During the building stage

  • You shall not raid other players in the building stage.
  • You shall not kill other players in the building stage ( Expect for all monuments as they are always an active PvP zone )
  • No grief allowed towards monuments and quarries
  • Cave bases allowed

During the Purge stage

  • Dont gang up on 1 player with a whole team. Be a bit polite and give him suggestions for next time better solo defenses for example.
  • Destroying the base to its core is enough. No need for unneeded foundation wipes.

We hope to see you online at Sunday! This event is for everyone to join and we hope that more people would be coming during this event so if you would be an old player that’s willing to come back for a one-time sake of fun, we will be happy to see you! Cheers, and stay safe!


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