Rustorica PvP Pre Wipe

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 2, 2020

Tonight at 00:00 we will wipe the PvP server and provide it with a nifty map for those that want to explorer a bit before we are going actually live. For those interested, they can search around the valley to see where they would place their base. Great news for those that want to do some PvP instead of PvE only.

As usual, we will be providing a monthly wipe like always. However, the upkeep itself will be raised for the PvP server. Instead of the normal 100% upkeep, we will be providing a smaller amount of 50%. The PvE server has only a 3% upkeep.

To keep you updated, we will already spoil a bit of the plugin we will be using. Hereby a small list of settings the server will have.

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  • No weird stack sizes, pure vanilla-based gathering, and looting.
  • Normal day/night cycle
  • No TP
  • No Backpacks
  • No removal tool

Basically, its vanilla but modded to provide extra security and several plugins that doesnt alter gameplay too much.

  • GUI information hud
  • Rustcord*
  • Game alerts


*Please note: People will not be alerted when someone logs in or logs out. As of many requests, we will remove this on discord as it’s been used to see when someone went offline. Therefore, Discord raiding is forbidden and will be punished.


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