Rustorica PvP server back online with changes

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The rustorica PvP server is back up and running. Join the server today for some epic PvP battles! We have made some changes and we have updated as well for some plugins removed. We made a completely new way of enjoying PvP. The pre-wipe has been done, as we didn’t be able to recover the lost files.

What do we have removed for a better experience?

Its basically almost 100% vanilla. We have removed several plugins that could provide support related to chinook drops, mass drops, Dangerous treasures, and cargo ships. This also means for the alert of hackable crates or when a crate has been triggered. There is only an alert when a patrol is incoming or when an airdrop is inbound.

What we do have removed and will never come back until there is a proper fix

  • Myminicopter
    The myminicopter plugin has been removed as it could be abused due to an exploit. As for that, the server felt being DDOSSED and eventually froze. The user, in this case, was a family shared account and has been banned from the community, steam network and the game by FacePunch. This includes soon also on the main account of this user. ( special thanks to steam for taking the needed steps & shoutout towards admin user Wulf from umod to indicate the issue so fast. )

What did we add to give you some extra experience?

  • Popup notifications – Less mess in the chat. This includes for several plugins including easy research, death notes, and admin alerts.
  • Slim infoHUD – Just like what we had, but smaller and nice.


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