Rustorica PvP taken down

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | November 9, 2019

The pvp server of rust has been taken down and will not be coming back online any time soon. After having a chat conversation with the team, we decided to drop the PvP server and fully focus ourselves on the PvE server instead of being on 2 spots at the same time.

If we had a team that could provide extra support for the PVP server, we would have kept the server online. We had asked some players that are actively playing on the server to provide them with an extra option to kick or ban players if needed. However, people dont like it to play along as a PvE player and rather just being a player on the server.

As the server crashed yesterday again, it came out pretty handy. We keep the PvP server offline and will only return if there is a Team willing to take care of the security of the server by tagging along and having fun in the game.



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