Rustorica PVP

 Breaking news!
  • Rustorica Pve map released!
  • New weekly Updates!
  • New upcoming rust update - Farming 2.0!
  • We are looking for volunteers!

Welcome towards the Rustorica PvP – Noob friendly. An online world just for New players in PvP. Join the other online gamers and start surviving today! With a awesome Purge event just before wipe, is this one of the servers that’s doing more then just running a server.  

Server information

Welcome to a online world full of PvP friendly gameplay. Fight against the NPC or other survivors in this wunderfull 3.5K mapsize. With limited plugins, creating the ultimate PvP experience just for you. With an awesome purge event every month just before wipe, is this server one of the servers you must have tried out. with limited monuments and edited stacksizes is this the map you have been looking for. With the landscape only 10% covered in snow is this one of the few that’s outstanding.

Plugin information

  • AntiNoobRaid
  • PlayerChallengesPlus ( only here at )
  • Mymini
  • Edited stacksizes for Resources – stone, wood, sulfur, HQM, charcoal and several other small tweaks in stacksizes such as fireworks, lights, electra.
  • Discord connected and monitored
  • Country Check
  • GUIHUD with server information.

Additional rules

  • Raiding of new players is not possible as long they have a noob rank or under the 200H of total gametime.
  • Raid tool refunds starts after the second time you use a item. For example, the second c4 would be refunded if you would check 2 c4 on a building.
  • There is No check for when a user can be raided or not.
  • Only 2 Low grade fuel is needed for Lantarns, miner hat, candle hat, Tuna can lamps and Simple light
  • Using command /turret for power activation on your turrets. Electra is still working but it does work with command as well for those not experienced with electra systems.