Rustorica PVP

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Rustorica - PVP

Rustorica PVP

Welcome towards the Rustorica PvP. An online world just for pure base raiding and PvP fun. With awesome custom made content, modded monuments and community created content. Enjoy a full world of adventure that you havent seen anywhere else on a normal PvP server. Are you up for it?

Map information

The map is builded on a 4K mapsize. We provided with several content more playable time for you to enjoy. We provided new monuments, custom caves, hidden secrets and extra possible places to build your beloved empire. Flat surfaces for those that like to build on flat ground and mountains with a POV towards the sea for those that likes a neat view.

The map has the following content

  • 3 Bradleys driving around. One at the monument as usually, one at the airfield and one guard the big ring road of the forgotten mining constructionsite near train yard.
  • 75+ NPC spawnpoints are added to create a more enjoyable PvPvE sessions.
  • 15+ Spawnpoints near the center and seaside, providing a more way of an interseting start over and over again.
  • Safe houses for the nasty patrol helicopters!
  • Addiotnal events to avoid and prevent doorcampers
  • Created several new monuments with base prefabs from the game itself.
  • Used community created content from the creators of Rustedit.

The upkeep of the server and the rest of the settings are as following

  • 10% upkeep
  • 14 Days buildup cycle before people can raid eachother.
  • No increase of gathering at day or night.

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Server information
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