You feel a small sting, slapped at it and you instandly waking up, seeing yourself on the beach with nothing more then just a weird rock and a torch. The wounds on your left leg shows that you have been beated up pretty bad. As you are wondering around, the silent of nature breaks with a weird sound in the bushes. “Who is there?” As you slowly wondering what the sound is, you walk slowly towards the bushes. A strange man smashes you on the ground and leaves you with nothing. 


Do you dare to enter Rustorica and making an end to all the innocent killing, are you the true hero of Rustorica we need? Join today!

Gather your resources and buildup your base

The open world of Rustorica is an dangerous place with wildlife, Scientists, Weird test subjects form the island and other online survivors that are willing to do anything to keep their life secure. Gather your needed resources trough the game, find your place and start building  up the base of your dreams and start protecting it from any hostiles.

Search for scrap, learn new Blueprints and weaponize yourself!

Go on an adventure alone or with friends and explorer a viarity of caves, monuments and lootboxes around the map, go for that airdrop and defend it with your life. Gather scrap and use them to research Bluepints for new abilities and items to be crafted. Work yourself towards the top and get that beloved AK that everyone loves to use. 

A rust server with awesome mods!

Rustorica does have mods installed on the server. These mods are coming from the official Umod website or coming from our partnered devs. These mods contains new ways of experiences as well for a full service between discord and the gameserver itself. These mods also creates new game content for everyone to be enjoyed. Special thanks towards these fans and creators of the umod community!

Player challenges

Battle against others for your beloved ranks

Are you a true hero in rust? Proof it with player challenges! A awesome challenge system with a nifty scoreboard! Be on the top on the end of the wipe with the most scores to show everyone that you are a true rust player! 

Inbound messages

Rather be alerted then surprised.

Rustorica does have inbound messages when it comes towards the patrol helicopter, chinooks and other daily activties. The chat is your best friend!

Game GUI Overlay

A overlay with all your needed information

The need of an ingame overlay? we have it! InfoHud is been installed and customized for your daily needs of information.  Keep an eye on the timer, who is online or if the patrol is flying around.

Chest stack sizes

Gathering is already hard on some servers, why would storage be the same?

If we dont like something, its the lack of space in your beloved TC, having a high neck every single day to restack your Tool Cupboard.  We have increased it towards 5x the amount!

Death Notes

Brag about your killing spree the easy way!

Killed a NPC from a huge distance or does your traps getting triggered by other players? The chat and discord will let you know about it!

Risk it all in the dark

x2 resources at night time!

In the big needs of some nifty wood, metal ore or are you hard searching for some sulfer? Gather it at night for a x2 gather boost or use the quarries as an advantage and get x3 the amount of resources out of  the quarries!

Join the server today and start your adventure!

Well? why are you waiting for? Join today and start exploring mantonia and start your adventure today for victory!