Rustorica update – Radiation disaster

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Mayday! It is code red. Recently, Radiation clouds came from the broken Power Plant and it is moving from monument to monument. The wind we have isn’t good enough, for some reason, it stays on several locations over and over again. While scientists are repairing the power plant, an explosion was heard just outside of the area. 19 Scientists were killed during the blast. While trying to patch the gab the explosion made, irritating air came in the skies.

Go on the path the right way and dont make any mistakes. Make sure you stack up water and use a radiation suit. Who knows it can come in handy!

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Game tips

  • Radiation clouds cannot be seen. A chat alert will be sent once you enter an irritated zone. This also means when you are going outside of the zone, a message will be displayed.
  • Radiation zones are between 80 and 120 Radiation and spawn randomly on certain monuments
  • Bring enough water and radiation pills to lower your poison.
  • Radiation zones may float away from time to time. The timer of this is also randomized.


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