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As a paid member, you are allowed to contribute new content when you have something that you want to share. This might be your own review, youtube video, gameplay from twitch, highlights or even complete leaks found on the internet. All video content is free to use and should not contain any self-promotions or ads such as ”flip coin” or ” CS:GO skins ”.

On each section, there is an explanation on what the categories are mentioned for so you don’t have the wrong in front of you. Please be as detailed as possible and send in the right needed content for the subject. Any missing pages or incorrect data will be deleted.

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Game reviews

As sending in game reviews is allowed to support our database, we want to inform the following information before you post a review online on our network. This is for our safety as that from yours.

  • Reviews should be always fully self-made. If we get any report of copyright infringements on your review, it will be your responsibility to fix the issue within 62 hours after getting a complaint.
  • Reviews should be at least one full A4 page. Any small reviews of less than 300 certain words will be deleted.
  • You may include images as well for a youtube video link.
  • Choose the proper destination for your review.
  • Any misleading or fake reviews will be deleted.
  • No self-advertisement. You have the needed rights in your own profile to add your own website.
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Gaming News

Did your favorite game had an awesome new update? New DLC upcoming or a good news highlight of the game that just needs to be shared. Yes, you can! However, these rules are in power to prevent any mistakes in sending in your news storylines.

  • News topics should always be self-made. No copy/paste work allowed.
  • Sending in images are allowed. only game trailers are allowed. No ”gameplay” or ”live feed”
  • News topic should be at least 300 words long.
  • No ” see more on my channel ” or ” check this site ” ads/links. These will be removed.