Server save file corrupted – Server re-rolled massive – Radsz

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Good morning everyone. Today, we want to share some sad news and I really mean it when it comes to sad news. Today, as we have updated the game server with its latest version of oxide and a few plugin updates. As it all looked promised without issues like we always do when we update our server with a newer version of plugins and oxide, didn’t it go pretty well this time. It went bad… really bad.

It seems that the safe file of our server was corrupted. All players who had a base with the past 3 days have lost it and everyone else has lost their progress. Meaning, if you would have made rockets, crates, and everything else related to it, that it is gone. This sucks really bad because a lot of players lost their base now and a lot of resources and progression in the game. The Blueprints are saved, but anything else is gone. Even the base we prepped for our Bomb Truck event has been lost. 9H worth of grinding resources.

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We cant do more than saying sorry, and that makes me mad. Because I know how it is to lose progress. It’s like wiping a safe file from your ps1 mem card because you won’t be able to save another game its progress while you want to keep it all.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this issue happened today on our server.



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