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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 7, 2020

Both servers are wiped and set ready to be played on again. This year, we have released our PvP server as well. Giving you the choice to choose what you rather like to do or if you would build on both servers. Join the servers today and get an advantage on Blueprints today!

There is however one small thing I would like to talk about. Recently, during the update, several plugins broke and eventually let the server being in a rebooting loop. We have turned off Dangerous Treasures, Botspawn and player rank as these 3 plugins had issues with each other.

The PvE server is loaded with its usual mods, but as the plugins had a fight with each other, I had to remove them. We hope that we can use the plugin in the future again.

Ask your friends and family to come online and explore this new mapped island today!


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