Shopify – 19 accounts banned that sold hackscripts

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Good afternoon folks. A late message from the community. Just a small one tho. A celebration once again of 19 accounts being banned on Shopify. These accounts were made to sell hacked scripts like aimbot, wallhacks, ESP hacks, and so on.

We don’t like hackers.. like really we freaking hate them. We do our best to keep our servers clean, but if there is something that could lead to something bigger, then we know we have to do something about it. 2 complete websites are being taken from the air. Hosting provider one dot com toke the liberty to take them down while Shopify did the rest.

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We are glad that actions have been taken and that these people can whistle to their earned money with their hacks. Even tho, they properly go elsewhere, but it is still a small victory for us all. We want to thank the team that’s taking care of it and that they have taken the needed actions to take them down so fast.


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