Skaikru is coming back and kirikru will be limited!

 Breaking news!
  • Rustorica Pve map released!
  • New weekly Updates!
  • New upcoming rust update - Farming 2.0!
  • We are looking for volunteers!

Skaikru is coming back online with the brand new map of mantonia! After many testing, trying to glitch our way under the map or being died for no sudden reasons, we will be release mantonia on skaikru on aug the first!

This is great news for the community as our first Released map will be playable on skaikru. Skaikru will have the mantonia map version that’s been tested on kirikru and will finally roll out towards the release server. However, there is still delayed content that’s on the map now that’s been removed from the game. But, due towards delayed updates, I haven’t managed to make a stable version of the map without having it tested.

But, that doenst mean we can do something about it. As we are waiting for the update, I’m doing my best to get a stable version online in no time.

There is only one other bad side towards the map.  As of recent changes with newly added monuments, we haven’t been able to place down any loot to be found. But, we are working on that as well and it should be fixed next month.

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The kirikru server will be lowered off the number of user slots and will be closed down for public access. Only admins, moderators, Patreon members and lucky once’s who already have been playing before on the server will be rewarded with a code that they have to enter once they joined the server. These lucky once’s will be picked out manually so there is no need to ask anyone for a code to enter.

What will skaikru be running as with the mods?

The mods we will be adding are simple. These mods will bring in more fun into the game.

  • Chest stacking, having the ability to have more than 1k a slot inside the ToolCupboard as well as for other storages.
  • 2X resources income from trees, stones and other kinds of gatherable objects. At night, Gathering from the pumpjack or quarries have a better payout rate than at day.
  • Additional loot in chests.  Way less than on kirikru, but still enjoyable.
  • Event trigger ingame as well for on discord feed
  • Discord chatting towards ingame and Versa Versa ( due to a bug, this is not possible for over 2 months, they working on a fix )
  • Death notes. Its always good to brag about the distance while messages on discord only show PVP victims.
  • Massdrop event, the sky is full of surprises
  • Timed events, there might be a chance that you could get hunted down by 2 patrol helicopters!
  • Hackable crates on monuments
  • Zombies and murderers.
  • Treasure chest event ( with only 3 – 5 bots )


what will skaikru not be running during the month as with mods?

These mods will not be added towards the skaikru server.

  • Zone manager
  • NPC bots
  • Quests  ( plugin outdated since last week )
  • Economics
  • Reward Points
  • Reward Store or gifts
  • MY gyro
  • XP revived
  • Event manager
  • PVP/PvE area’s


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