Skaikru rust server

Skaikru is an online modded server for solo and teambased gameplay. With over 20+ monuments, 7+ custom caves and 15+ custom monuments/buidings to be explored is this 5K map a perfect map for any occasion. A perfect custom map with many added adventures for an unforgetable experience.

5k mapsize

Are you ready to start your adventure? This perfect 5k mapsized map has everything that you will need to startup perfectly. Its time to see if you are a true survivor here on mantonia.

Create a clan

Create a clan with your friends and start going on adventure together! Scavange the lost oilrigs at sea or find yourself the way towards the lost military tunnels.

Build a base

Start up building a base and work on your defences. Make your lootpile grow and defend it from any raiders that’s coming over to steal it!

KOS allowed

Noone can be trusted in rust, not even your friendly neighbour. Its allowed to KOS without any reason or accept the fate and gamble your luck for being friendly.

Admin support

Active admin support when something is wrong with the map or when someone is not following the rules on our server. We love rust like you do, but without the salt and beef.

Ingame event alerts

REEEE, our rust community mascote meme when it comes to a patrol helicopter. All event alerts from the cargoship, hackable crates and airdrops are listed in the chat!

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Awesome airdrops

The gods of rust loves you. Look in the sky when the time is right. Presents may await for you. Always keep an eye on the map! You never know what to find!

Hackable crates

Search the monuments for any new drops. Who knows you might find even more then just some loot. Hackable crates are returned on monuments here!

Player challenges

Are you a true hero in rust? prove it yourself with player challenges! Play rust, rank up in the challenge section and earn those ranks to showoff in chat!

Custom NPC stores

Jump on the boat towards the bandit island or visit the FFA compound stores. Search around good, you even might find yourself a secret!

Made with love

The map has been made with love by the mapping team of gamingHQ. Support us on patreon today and get exclusive access towards new updates before they get released into the game!

Inspired by

A full survival map, mostly coming from state of decay or any other survival game. Monument ideas are based on those adventures we had with the community before.

Join the server today and start your adventure!

Well? why are you waiting for? Join today and start exploring mantonia and start your adventure today for victory!