Small PvP server – Rustorica PvP

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Good afternoon folks. Today, we have released a small rust server for 50 players max on a 4k map size. With just a few plugins to make the game a bit more “challenging and enjoyable”. With an overall of 2x Resource income, x4 quarry income and edited stack sizes like we usually have, do we also have done some other things that we normally have but now removed for a bit more challenging feeling to get yourself back into the game for some decent time of gaming.

No more “mymini” on our PvP server. People will have to find their gyrocopters nowadays. As it becomes more harder to get decent loot as most loot spawns are or nerfed or not worth going for it, will there be one thing back we all have been asking for a long time? A hackable crate is back once again on the map! Yes, boils. its time to go nuts again and claim your rewards by killing everyone that comes around your crate.

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We will edit the rules and tweak here and there some files that we have to. But, you can already join the server by just searching for the Rustorica PvP server. Keep in mind, there is no decent description yet as we have an ongoing issue with a compiler that keeps bugging me for no reason.


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