Social media – Facebook its bad side

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Facebook, everyone has heard of it. Making your own account, joining groups, making new friends and staying in touch with them. Many many options are possible to do on Facebook. Uploading your selfies all day like a printing press or making videos that you like to share with the others such as your friends on your only one social platform, the wall.

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While Facebook is happy with new members every single day, does Facebook has also a lot of side effects. Side effects no one likes to have when it comes to this. Hereby, I’m going to explain some sick jokes from Facebook and expose them here. This is to keep everyone aware of their way of work and it is at least something that everyone would have to know about it of what Facebook does with their content that they upload on their website.


  • Everything you upload, you lose ALL rights to it. You basically give Facebook free content to use it for their advertisement program. So could be my face, for example, a big thing in the united states while someone else from the united states is a big thing here.
  • Advertisements everywhere. On every video you upload, ads will be placed. But, not only that, even other people their videos are shown on YOUR SOCIAL and Company page. while not even asked for it. Facebook can use it for themselves as well.
  • Lack of contact support. There is no one to talk with if you have encountered some issues. Want to have something removed? Just report the content and wait a few days for an answer.
  • Illegal content being shared on social media is bad, but that FaceBook even accepts it, that’s bad. Facebook has an outstanding one of a kind go fudge yourself policy that where you report critical pages, that they won’t go to its source but just deletes the page.
  • Fake news is coming faster than the speed of light. They even use their advertising system to spread fake news.
  • Selling email addresses trough the 3rd party trade system.
  • Pyramid games are forbidden, but i still see a lot of games on the social depending on pyramid games.
  • Easy to find out where you are living. Just check last known places where he/she had as dinner and then look for the “most visits”
  • People being suggested as potentional friends. Everyone connecting towards open wifi will see a lot of people that you dont know but will have a “possible friends” option.
  • Advertising on Facebook is a bad idea, the Ads are shown but you most likely won’t get the number of views or clicks you paid for.


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