State of decay 2 – a 3.1GB Patch

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Big news! state of decay 2 has a new patch! A whopping 3.1GB worth of new content. What do we have this time and what could we expect? Well, first of all, they have been adding a new mode to the game. The green zone. The green zone is a new mode where new players of state of decay 2 can learn how to play the game without being overrun by zombies. This mode is perfect for beginners, but even for the experts, this could be a perfect way to learn new tactics or taking that risk you don’t want to take in another game session.

Firstly, there is a small new future’s into the game as well such as

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  • They have increased the fuel capacity for all vehicles
  • They have Increased the resource storage’s can held for all bases
  • Easier-to-find containers in secured buildings
  • Improved follower behaviors against juggernauts and plague hearts
  • Tabs on the inventory screen to ease navigation

Welcome to the Green Zone!

Here are some of the key differences you’ll find in a Green Zone:


  • Enemies deal less damage
  • Your Stamina lasts longer in a fight
  • Freak zombies are much rarer
  • Crafting items and building facilities are cheaper
  • Rucksacks provide more resources
  • Scavenging delivers more weapons and skill books

try it out today!. You can also move an existing community to a Green Zone map by opening the Difficulty Screen and selecting “Green Zone.” similar to the other ways you can do now.


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