State of decay 2 – A big money grab?

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As we all have heard, the state of decay 3 is coming around the corner and that means one thing, a new game means new content but that also means that state of decay 2 is going to have its last few updates until they will be releasing the state of decay 3 games into the world. While everyone is working on it, have they also been working and will they still remaining to work on the state of decay 2 games while they also worked on the state of decay 3.

To be honest, I really don’t give a damn penny on the state of decay 2 as they really have betrayed us in the last time. If we would pre-order something, its for a reason. We would be getting DLC for free while others had to pay. This however sadly came across an ending after they missed their deadline and when they had the mental mindset of going to steam with the game.

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While everyone keeps guessing on what’s coming to state of decay 3, we have been doing some digging as well for ourselves. For example, there are a lot of users asking for the same thing I do. Breakdown. Where is it? are we able to play this on SOD2 before that SOD3 gets released? or would they just leave us in the dark and wait for it for the state of decay 3? is it even coming? so many questions and so many answers, but no one of them is on the table.


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