State of decay 2 – flying zeds

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Good morning folks, today we want to let you know about a funny ongoing bug in state of decay 2. After their last release, it is possible to let the zombies fly mid-air. You just simply grab yourself a police car or taxi cab, upgrade it, and drive like a madman on the tracks ready to hit some Deadheads.

I do not know what they have done with the whole driving part but damn, I can now even drift properly trough the corners as if its nothing. We can clearly see that love has been made again to the game, fixing a hella lot of ongoing issues. Last time, driving the car made my FPS go down from 120 to a thick 30 FPS. That was just a thick nogo.

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Presuming that this bug is going to be fixed soon or later, would there also be more upcoming fixes. We presume something is going to do with the annoying light when the morning comes as well for the missing items in the game itself, broken items are shown as black-white context as if there is no texture being added on it yet. It really looks weird when it comes to that. You can mostly see this error during the survival minigame.


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