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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | March 14, 2020

The game state of decay 2 is out! The juggernaut version just released on their platforms to be played. While others started to play, the steam version was delayed with an hour as the support of steam made a mess of the release date. While waiting, we had the opportunity to download the game and wait for the release of it so that we could play it.

While we played the game, we could not figure out the multiplayer section. As of first, you must have an XBOX live account in order to play the game itself. Once logged into the game at the main menu, click on settings and then multiplayer. An option is unchecked, making your game sessions automatically into a multiplayer session for your friends to join.

If a friend would join your game session, you will be limited to a lot of functions in the game. For example, you basically only are able to hike with your friends while the host has to do it all. Accepting quests, saving people can completing quests. FFS, even looting is separated. But, there are ways to give each other the needed items. Simply just drop them on the ground.

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Keep in mind, the game is still a bit unstable, you might get disconnected with error code 3. Joe swarner stated on their website the following information

In the meantime, we suggest trying to ensure your connection is as strong as possible and use direct connections via cable to your router or modem, instead of wi-fi. People with stronger connections seem to experience the issue less. Once you start experiencing the issue, we also encourage you to close the game and relaunch before attempting to reconnect to the host. We also suggest having the host restart their game as well.

Besides this, we also recommend that you exclude your steam game folders from being scanned by your virus scanner or windows defender. This would also save you some time and lag. And… yes, besides that discord might also be playing a role in this. Disable the discord overlay interface ingame could also save you some troubles.


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