State of Decay 3 – Something that came out of nowhere

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As we mentioned earlier today, state of decay 3 has been announced to becoming as a next experience in the sequel of the state of decay series. As I’m freaking hyped and stoked about this new upcoming game, does it also makes me a bit sad when it comes to state of decay 2 as I had hope for more decent content as what they showed us. Like, let’s be honest here. In their last trailer when heartland came out, you would have been thinking to see at least the whole map and not just 80% of it.

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The game had a great background storyline when it comes to heartland as they have created 2 stories of what happened after they left the area. A full new world of weird infestations and infected zeds are awaiting you. The video shows that the plague has taken over a diner, the crashed down airplane parts and the place everyone wanted to have as a facility or base, the police station was covered in red plague goo.

What I just can’t figure out, why haven’t they added the starting zone of that map as well for the last part of the map where we had to fight our way of back in the days when state of decay – A new dawn was out. I mean, having that honk ball area was a nifty place to build up your HQ would also have been a wicked option.

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But, that’s not all. Where is the “sandbox” mode? or where is the promise of more members to have in your team? The game started to be repeatable and that makes me sad. With a sandbox mode, you could go do anything you would have wanted, even modding would be a perfect option for this game. As even nexus gaming has some nifty mods that can be used and are allowed to be used, doesn’t there be a lot of mods that would “wow” the living out of me, suggesting me wanted to try it out or not but we shall see what will happen in the next coming months.

After they rereleased the game and added all DLC’s towards it, it really makes me wonder if I would pre-order again once it comes out. I mean, if I pre-order something and they speculate that the upcoming DLC is for everyone for free that has pre ordered the game, then it should be that way. You should not be able to randomly add it with the whole package deal that also was cheaper to buy a few months later after the release.

In the end, it’s still their choice on what to do with their game obviously, but it would be sad to see this happening again with a really good game.




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