Steam summer sales leaked – Thick discounts

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In the need of spending some diehard earned cash? Well, be aware folks!. The dates for Steam sales have been leaked! The date for this year is 25 June till the 9th of July. With a huge amount of games being discounted as well for new games coming this year during the summer sales.

Steam is however also working on a new loyalty reward system. This would provide additional steam badges, backgrounds, icons, small gif emotes, chat icons as well for a reward when writing a review about the game. Leaker suggested that this would be more of the content then what we had last year with the celebration of the New Year its event.

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The leaker also suggested that there would be at least 10 new emotes to be played as well, as well for several updates in their TOS as well for their system itself. Better performance, websites that aren’t legit are blocked more often. Steam has a lot of upcoming this summer. Keep an eye out on our website and join our discord to be up to date about the upcoming highlights.


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