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Cash generators and scripts – How hackers get your Data

author image by Noize | Gaming News Tech news | 0 Comments | August 8, 2020

Free diamonds generator for Clash of Clans, unlimited money hacks on GTA5, or even those weird-looking scripts that claim to give you loads of cash in the online world of Deadside. It’s fake, its a scam and everyone knows it….

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Jagex rigged “Treasure hunter” – Purple diamond gone missing

author image by Noize | Gaming News | 0 Comments | January 25, 2020

The Treasure event on the game called Runescape is tempered with. Do not buy keys and spend them on the event that’s ongoing now as it will be a big hand full of coins you throw away for nothing. But,…

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Idle miner tycoon giveaway ended

author image by Noize | Giveaways & free games | 0 Comments | September 1, 2019

It is time people, The giveaway has ended! Today we are going to make 2 players happy with 200 super cash! The winners are having an email in their inbox with instructions. Once we get the information we need, we…

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