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Shopify – 19 accounts banned that sold hackscripts

author image by Noize | Deadside Tech news | 0 Comments | May 21, 2020

Good afternoon folks. A late message from the community. Just a small one tho. A celebration once again of 19 accounts being banned on Shopify. These accounts were made to sell hacked scripts like aimbot, wallhacks, ESP hacks, and so…

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Deadside – Most asked questions so far

author image by Noize | Deadside | 0 Comments |

As the game deadside is out now for a few weeks, players are starting to wonder why there isn’t a helicopter crash site yet, no airdrops, and one of the most questions so far I have seen passing by was…

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Deadside – Private server

author image by Noize | Deadside Devine news Game server news | 0 Comments | April 26, 2020

Good afternoon everyone. A quick heads-up from the community, today we have released a private server of the recently released game dead side. With password protection, will you be able to walk the world without being shot by other players,…

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Deadside – New game for the community?

author image by Noize | Devine news Gaming News | 0 Comments |

Good morning everyone. Today, we had a tip from one of our members of the community. Special thanks to Mr fox for letting me know about this game! The game dead side might the key to the game we are…

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