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Facebook videos – a pain for us, perfect for FB

author image by Noize | Devine news Gaming News Tech news | 0 Comments | July 2, 2020

You have seen them, those online videos that people are sharing from time to time on their Facebook channels. Gameplay about something, a car crash, or who knows its a few tips for clothing. Well, Facebook is making money on…

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Be aware – Facebook sales

author image by Noize | Gaming News Rust servers news & updates | 0 Comments | June 25, 2020

The online world of social media is shocked once again after a major fraud was discovered by people all over the world. Facebook announced to fight against scammers, but their lack of knowledge made a new enemy coming on our…

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Doom eternal – New updates and a new boss!

author image by Noize | Gaming News | 0 Comments | May 16, 2020

It is time to grab that chainsaw from the closet. Once again, Bethesda’s latest update to Doom Eternal made changes to the game more balanced and added a load of new wicked content including an awesome new game mode. “Invasion…

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Discord: Malware Alert!

author image by Noize | Tech news | 0 Comments | October 30, 2019

BREAKING NEWS — Be aware of the following information. Keep in mind, this information is shared in order to alert the community as well for others that are using discord. Please share this with your fellow friends on discord to…

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Microsoft its dark side

author image by Noize | Devine news | 0 Comments | June 25, 2019

Microsoft shares games that are copyrighted in their store and loads them with gambling ads. As gaminghq supported idle miner tycoon with translations, the game got copied and remade for windows 10. The bad side, this is not from the…

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