”The breakup” A mantonia rust adventure

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The mantonia map is going into its next stage, with several bugfixes and some nerfs. But, for today we already have added something new towards the server itself! We want to thank everyone who is actively online playing the map and for all those tips and suggestions. Its time to not let you wait any longer. Keep in mind, to be aware of all latest patches, join our discord! Sometimes, we perform hotfixes that are so small, that we rather wait to release its full patch notes before making people happy with 2 Mbits fixes.

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  • NEW – Say hello to easy sorting! Always having issues to place everything in the chest as you had in mind? this tiny little tool will help you get you back on track with stacking your loot and sorting it by name or item.
  • Nerfed – Patrol helicopter with less loot once destroyed
  • Added – 5 New Quests!
  • Added – 2 New items in the store!

As for the map itself, I’m working on it and it should be done by the end of this week. The idea was to wipe the map Sunday to load in the map for the next week of testing, wandering around the map to search for bugs, glitches and floating stones that are wrongly placed in the map itself.




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