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Good morning folks. Noize here with a small update based on our website. As you know, we are working on it to make a new website more detailed and more good looking then what we have right now. WordPress is being a pain and it comes with many and many responsibilities. Not mine, but that from the theme devs and WordPress devs itself. Sadly, they keep updating their cms and it is getting pain for us.

We want to give you news, reviews, and not pages and pages of unneeded content as no one is visiting it anyways. No forum, no user accounts, no clans, no teams or groups. We want to provide pure gaming news and that’s not possible with WordPress.

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This week, we started on our ban appeal page section for users that would have been banned for some reason by our systems or by one of our admins or moderators. From here, they will be able to see if they would be able to apply a ban appeal or not. If the user would have been hacking, he won’t be able to re-apply the ban appeal, the same as for vac banned users, and so on.

We don’t have a screenshot for you yet, but that will come next week! Good luck survivors! Noize here, signing off!


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