The mapping dev blog – Rustorica PvE #1

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Good morning everyone. Today we want to share with you some insights about the new upcoming map of Rustorica.  We made some progress and we would love to show you some awesome sneak peeks about the new upcoming map.

First of all, we have completely removed all monuments that are placed automaticly when creating a generated map. We are trying to keep it as clean as possible when it comes to these monuments. We made them ourselves but it would be more awesome if we have actually crates dropping on the map again. We have some awesome content coming up, including some awesome custom monuments that players can wander around and looting the place.

We removed the oilrigs but might be adding on back in the middle of the map. However, I dont think people would miss them these days anyways besides the oil that you are able to loot from and the massive nerf on the oilrigs that removed the recycler from its location.

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We have some cool ideas that we are going to map into the custom world we are building up from the ground. An area with mining quarries, an area for additional loot and even our own vending and loot tables. We are going to take rust PvE to a whole next level with this upcoming map and its changes to give you an unforgettable experience while being online on the server.

Check out these awesome screens we have made during our mapping sessions and let your friends know about a new upcoming PVE server that’s in the making!

Like it to contribute towards the map? Let us know about it!



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