The purge event – Sunday at 12:00 till Wednesday

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | September 26, 2020

The purge event is coming around the corner again. As of tomorrow at 12:00 GMT +1 Dutch time, we will be removing the anti offline raid plugin from the game, giving everyone the powers to raid everything that comes across. Once everything is done and every base has been raided and we hit Wednesday, we will be doing some plugin changes to the server and providing you some more intel on what’s about to come in the next few days.

Why starting the event on a Sunday and not on the day of the upcoming wipe? Well, we would love to do that, but it would be a bit unfair for the players that cannot come online because they would be learning at school. That’s why we will start this on a Sunday.

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We hope that everyone is enjoying the map and we hope that we will see you next wipe, even if we had some minor setbacks the past few days due to a stupid working plugin that didn’t do its job as intended. We have removed the plugin and everything works fine again.


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