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The purge is around the corner and that means one thing! Raaaiiiiddd! REEEE! The community is proudly announcing the commencement of the monthly purge sanctioned by the GamingHQ community. All weapons and raiding tools are allowed during the purge. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime (including raiding) will be legal for 12 continuous hours.

during the purge, it may or may not happen that your base might be a target during this event. If your base is raided, your base is raided. Building a new base won’t be needed as we will be uploading our custom map to see if everything works out and for you to seek for yourself a nice location to build at.

During the purge, it would be awesome if the raider could explain a bit of what could be better during the raid and what could be improved next time to prevent and fight off a raid on your base. Teamwork is what we love here at the community and I want to say thanks to those willing to take those extra minutes to learn the other user a little bit of base building. together, we are united as one with our new founding fathers, a nation reborn. Radsz PvEvP

We will release the full patch notes on wipe day. This is on the 6th of the next week so be prepared!


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