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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 9, 2020

We are looking for volunteers! Are you at least 18 years or older? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Our team is looking for extra support during their work. Are you able for it? We are looking for several jobs to be filled in.


HQTeam – DayZ

For the HQ team of dayZ, we are looking for someone that’s willing to take action when there is action to be taken as well for maintaining the peace on the server. Fully into Roleplay? Bonus points! Our DayZ server is roleplay related! As for that, we would also like to see you have the following experiences.

  • Played the game DayZ for over 1000H and knows how the game works
  • Does knowing how the game commands work
  • Does know how to behave themselves and giving an example towards the community.
  • It has actual time to spend on the community and not faking it.

HQTeam – Rustorica PvP / PvE

For the PvP / PvE server, we are looking for someone that’s willing to help out the community and knows what he is doing when it comes to banning players and keeping the server safe for the innocent players being bullied by hackers and ESP players. As of for that, we also would love to see you helping us out with the following experiences

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  • Played Rust over 2500 total Gametime.
  • Does know-how certain commands work
  • No misusage with admin rights
  • It has actually time for the community, helps out on the PvE server at the HQ team base.
  • Providing small mini-events for those that are online. Such as a Dangerous Treasures event or some additional airdrops for those to be looted.


HQTeam – Newsblog writer 

Are you more of a writer? Love it to write down the latest news of the community or game news that’s been released or leaked? then this is your chance! The community is looking for an active newswriter. You are aware of the site conditions and know how to keep it clean.

  • Gaming experiences is a must-have
  • You know how to speak to the community
  • Writing about the games we play and games we love ( including your fav games of course )
  • Writing reviews if interested in a game that you have played before.


What would you get from us?

A crazy community where the boundaries go beyond the next level. We might have our crazy moments ( in a good way of course ) but always love to help out those that are new in the team and community. Helping out others is what we love. We won’t pay you in a monthly matter, but some time to time with free games, DLC, gift cards or anything else that we have to give away at that moment.

Are you interested? Let us know by emailing us to and we will contact you if we would love to know more about you.






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