The umod website – Broken plugins, lacking support and money greedy users

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The community website umod is going down under once again after several plugins being claimed by “modders” that aren’t doing anything else then just claiming it, and pretending to work on it. Sadly, most plugins are stolen and sold elsewhere for a thick profit. Besides a handful of awesome people there, are there also rotten apple trees that should be removed.

Rotten apple trees as in users that are stealing ideas and content. Map files from other people and trying to breach its password. Several times, we had an email about this whole drama, asking us for a password as there was something on the map that they wanted to see from close in the editor. 99.99% that the content would be stolen.

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Rustoria for example, the owner “Ryan” has a big mouth when it comes to answering questions on the umod forum. Pretending I’m some kind of low kiddo or something that doesn’t know anything. Well, sadly Ryan, you just made my new topic about this. I hope you liked it to insult me while I was just asking a simple question, be proud Mr adult guy, and i thought we are all grown-up people.

A forum should function as a way to help each other, not to brag about your “experiences” or stealing people their ideas and suggestions. When people asking for help, its or no response at all, but if I would add a price card on my question, everyone is all of a sudden able to help me out. Sorry, but that’s just money greed. You give something, and you get something in return, That’s how a community should be. Where everyone is the same and where everyone is able to help out each other.


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