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As the leaves are falling, the wind is raised up, a big storm is coming to deadside. A big storm of the upcoming 0.1.8 update that’s everyone been talking off. People are wandering the streets all by themselves, searching for those last bits of food. The world has been brought to its knees and while nature is taking over slowly, it’s your objective to stay alive.

Good morning everyone, my name is noise and today we will be talking a little bit about the game deadside. First of all, we want today thankyou for supporting us and helping us out with the community. Join us on discord if you would love to hear more from us. Keep in mind, the subject that we are going to talk about is suggestions and ideas. It’s not the real deal in the upcoming deadside update.

The roadmap

As you might have seen the roadmap, more POI’s would be released for those wandering around, searching for them, and scavenger its loot from the location. As the road map says underground bunkers, does it wondering me if this bunker would be fully underground across the map itself. You know, a fully underground connected facility. An old metro line for instance would be perfect for this. Providing a little bit of detailed content while users are walking trough the tunnels searching for loot and AI.

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To be honest, I think that every large monument with the options of decent loot should be getting zoned into a danger zone. These locations are familiar and people are willing to take what it takes to obtain that loot, so why not adding a little bit of radiation to the game.

other breaking news!

Yesterday night, the team of deadside asked me to support them and helping out those players with their questions. The game is growing and that means they need extra support to keep the chat clean from salty and unwanted users. That I’m a moderator now doesn’t mean anything else more than just a color and a few extra rights. I’m still your all-day noizie!

I want to special thanks to Mr. smog and Mr. Scott for giving me this opportunity. You won’t regret it.


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