Tik tok banned in USA

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | August 1, 2020

The world is shocked after the decision Donald Trump made when it comes to the online app Tik Tok. President Donald Trump told reporters that he plans to ban the TikTok app in the United State. The app, which allows users to film and share short videos of themselves along to accompanying music, is been under fire more often recently. Last time, there was a data breach, and people their privacy was on the roads randomly for everyone to be grabbed.

With many flaws, is tik tok still one of the most used apps in the world. there are already over 5 to 6 million users from the USA already only. All those people will not be able to use tik tok nor download it again in the store.

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Trump’s comments came after published reports that the administration is planning to order China’s ByteDance to sell TikTok. There were also reports Friday that software giant Microsoft is in talks to buy the app.


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