Tonight wipe on both servers

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  • Stay strong folks - Be safe. #corvid19
  • New weekly Updates!
  • Deadside server released
  • We are looking for volunteers!

Oboii Oboii, the wipe is coming! Tonight we will be getting new content from the Creators of rust. As we are all happy to startup another session of rustorica, we wanted to say a few things before the whole cluster is coming online and starts playing. We want to say thank you to everyone that was online this month and we may hope that we will see you all back tonight!

As we are getting so many new updates today ( i have a feeling about this ), i wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of these upcoming changes. Building on roads will be a blast from the past, the same as for placing objects. But, not only that is coming towards the server. So much more is coming to this wipe, we can’t explain it all. Hereby our server information.

For those that are going to play on the PvE server of rustorica, please be aware of the following information.

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  • Building on the admin island is forbidden and your base will be deleted without questions asked. See /info for more info about it. We use this island for small mini-events and to separate the admins from the rest for an easy find if needed. You can always come over for a chat.
  • To simple things up, ALL monuments from the game itself are PvP zones with the vanilla ruleset.
  • 3 Bradleys driving around. Where they are driving around is everyone their guess.
  • Monuments from the game are tweaked and have some extra loot to be found.
  • 10% upkeep + stack sizes


For those that are going to play on the PvP server of rustorica, please be aware of the following information.

  • 72H of no raid protection instead of 14 days suggested before.
  • There is nothing added that would badly alter the gameplay to keep it as vanilla as possible. The only edit would be the patrol helicopter.
  • 10% upkeep without stack size plugin.


To keep everyone happy, able to play the game without too many issues, we provided Ufilter and Arkan/server guard on both servers. These plugins will filter any bad boii from the server and keep it safe for those that like to play. Still, if there is something ongoing and you would like to report the player, the report command does still work. As of that, we are also still looking for players that would like to spend a bit of their free time to help out in the community.

Are you up for some awesome experiences with the community itself? apply today! We are still looking for several community members that would love to help out. From helping on the game server till helping out with new reviews or news topics.



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