[TRAILER] Radsz PvP – Black Forest 2020

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Radsz PvP – Black Forest 2020

Today, we want to present to you the next upcoming map of our community – Black Forest. A wicked 5K map with islands, hidden sewers, and caves with challenges and custom puzzles. Are you brave enough to enter the unknown?

Game Changes

  • :one: – Custom Red door puzzle at the train yard
  • :two: – Custom Puzzles under Launch site
  • :three: – 3 Custom starter zones
  • :four: – Clean Ring Road
  • :five: – big custom islands
  • :six: – Custom caves
  • :seven: – Custom Black market
  • :eight: – Custom end event on the Black market island
  • :nine: – 2 Bradley locations


The community has been thinking of what to bring you this time during our monthly game sessions. Every month, we will be bringing in updates towards the map. Adding new custom content to give the map each time a new challenge for those interested. Every stage is a monthly based stage and goes as follows.

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First of all, we will wipe the BP’s as we normally do. However, as we are going to start up a new season of custom content, we will NOT wipe any BP’s no more. This means you can keep your Blueprints after the next upcoming wipe. We will only wipe the BP’s when FacePunch forces us to do or when a new series has born.

We hope to see you back online tomorrow after the wipe! We will however NOT Pre-open the server, this will be done after the wipe. We stated earlier that people would be able to come online and see the work we did, but we rather like to keep it a secret for all of you!

Trailer Radsz PvP – Black Forest 2020

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