Transport empire – Windows 10 app Game Review

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Transport empire – The game that everyone loves who is addicted to locomotives or a little bit of steampunk. The story-driven game is popular under many Facebook gamers and that’s why we are here to give our opinion of it. This is the Transport empire Review. 

It all begins in a small little town, you get your first locomotives and start learning the basics. In the first few minutes.  I didn’t quite know what I was doing as the ”tutorial” does the most for you.  Eventually, you start to be aware of certain functions and you will get used to it. Your goal is, of course, to be the world leading company in transport. You earn your silver ( as that is the game currency ) by completing missions, disasters on the rails or a sinking steamship that’s carrying a big load of stone for your buildings.

As you must expand, you need to create more locomotives, airships, and steamboats to provide the daily costs to build a certain object such as a tunnel for example to high clouds. This village is an only reachable through that tunnel. However, you can still keep building elsewhere, even if you have the right tracks for your passengers. The more carriages, the better your tracks need to be, so make sure you keep an eye on those tracks.

The downside, it is for me a big issue when it comes on in-game currency. As this game is dated from 2014, it’s still a big amount of cash if you want to work your way to the top a bit faster with a microtransaction. 99 euro’s for a load of silver ain’t a microtransaction anymore. The other way to earn additional silver is by watching ads. However, that doenst make you even happy as well as the amount is more rubbish and it would eventually cost 3 times more the amount of watching ads for the same price, so it’s even a big scam as well.

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We spent 10 euro’s on the in-game market as we want to see the full advantage of the gameplay, as you might be happy with additional golden ingots it doenst give additional worth to the game at all. You have to send 15 euro’s for a nice looking locomotive or 19.99 for 9k of coal ( you can drain it faster hen you would know it )

Recommend to play the game? 

Yes and no, like as we said, the game is based on steampunk. There ain’t many steampunk games and the only game we are all waiting for is still not out. It’s not bad to play it, as long as you keep an eye on your spendings. People who loved sim city or Farmville back in the days would be not advised.


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