Trionworld takes archeage to next Paypay lvl

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | July 10, 2018

a hacknyTrionworld didn’t learned when it came back on their packages. Don’t ask a shitload of money… sadly, they are still doing the same as what they started in the beginning that this game is going to be ruined by the trionworld community.

Recently, Trionworld had several major DDOS attacks on their servers after the release of several patches on their game archeage. The game is reduced and the whole trading system is taken down and is redesigned for the fun of it.

I must admit, there is now a more way to be active with trading, but when it comes to an apex, then the prices are ridiculous high. We accepted it and kept playing. But after the major nerf of the trading system, 40% of the archeage community players quieted.

Today, in our email was an message about a new package deal that, if you would buy a package for over 100 euro’s, you would get a free pet that was free for everyone a year ago. They even know how to play it when it comes to costumes and gear. Do you like it to walk around like a cleaning lady in a erotica store? Then make sure you have 4k credits or a good 4500 Gold.

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Shall i wait?

If archeage still doenst do what they have promised, then we dont see any more reasons to play the damn game. We would be paying a good 60 euro’s a month on it and that makes it also one of the top 10 most expensive MMORPG Game of the year. If i was you, then i rather wait for a good new game release such as soul worker for example or aion.

The best part of all, if you would like to have at least a chance to be accepted in the community of archeage instead that they keep killing you. u would have to pay a good 750 euro’s to have a good chance that you will be having the same gear as he does.

With breaking each time while you try to regrade it and before you know it there is an weekly event with regrade charms or anything else what they mostly giveaway.
before you know it, you pay another good 20 euro’s for some regrade’s and the chance that you will regrade the item is not even 15%. so there is a good chance you waste the 20 euro’s for nothing.



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