Upcoming updates, new monument improvements and map size info

 Breaking news!
  • Rustorica Pve map released!
  • New weekly Updates!
  • New upcoming rust update - Farming 2.0!
  • We are looking for volunteers!

The wipe is coming closer by the day. A newly updated map is coming for kirikru with a massive amount of updates as well for some nifty new added caves, monuments and especially on request, a revamp of the ”dome” Let’s get into it!

As we are working, improving and fixing several floating rocks, we have added some monuments and removed some monuments. Some of them might be somewhere else while swamps are history. We want to create the ultimate battle but with the recent updates of unity had a need to break a lot of plugins. Some of them are not updated in a while and it will mess up some ideas of us.

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For example, for every time someone that talks in the chat, a syntax error pops up for the better chat functions. This also happens with quests, every single command you do and does user-tags not show up as it should be showing. As some more plugins are broken or not working as it should be working, we have chosen to do the following thing.

  • Removed compound ( Outpost as we all know by name ) There is a store section now in the middle of the map under the ground.
  • Added 4 sam sites towards dome to prevent air looting
  • Added Additional textures and prefabs to make map more ”lost” feeling
  • Added 2 custom Caves with building pads
  • Added bridges to connect landscapes together for crossing the water ( we split the map into 2 pieces )
  • Fixed various floating stones ( still might find some, let me know in bug shots with a screenshot + location )
  • Resized the map to a 5k map, but remained the map itself ( added several small islands  )
  • Added an extra airfield ( one on each side of the map )

As for the that, we will be adding the new monument one month after the release into the map. The reason is that the number of issues that might be coming with. just as all the sudden randomly added achievements into the game. This screwed up with the custom map as the events and triggers are missing. But, as because of that we will wipe kirikru on the same date as any other server.


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